As a leading cosmetics retailer and one of the best-known health & beauty brands in the Baltic States, Drogas is dedicated to quality, value and high customer service standards.

Supporting our outstanding range of quality and affordable products is a well-trained service staff and simple, customer-friendly store layouts. In addition to cosmetics, fragrances and personal care items, Drogas also offers household goods, fashion accessories, toys, stationery and gifts.

Since the opening of our first store in 1993, the Drogas operation has grown by leaps and bounds. In 2001, we were named “Best Retailer in Latvia” by the leading business newspaper Dienas Bizness. In 2004, Drogas was acquired by A.S. Watson. Today, Drogas operates over 140 stores across Latvia and Lithuania.

Visit our customer site: Drogas Latvia, Drogas Lithuania

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